• Featured Image Redesigned SRX coming in 2015

    Cadillac is on the move! The brand continues to show us that they are not letting off the gas pedal when it comes to their new model lineup. Already this month we’ve learned about the potential for a new flagship sedan, the Cadillac LTS, which is based on the popular Elmiraj concept. And now, we’re learning that a redesigned SRX will be coming next year as well.

    Cadillac Chief Engineer Dave Leone informed Bloomberg that the brand would be introducing a fully redesigned SRX sometime in 2015, and would be the 2016 SRX. There have already been some spy shots taken of the new SRX, which is already being tested.

    While we haven’t seen much of the outside, we haven’t seen anything on the inside. But we are wondering if the redesigned SRX will include a third row seating option, since a few months ago Cadillac axed the plans for a new, bigger crossover. Adding a third row, and making the SRX bigger, would fall in line with Cadillac’s plan for a compact crossover to compete with BMW and Mercedes.

    The redesigned SRX is just one of many new vehicles from Cadillac. The ATS Coupe is already a huge hit, and consumers can’t wait for the Elmiraj based LTS. So we can only assume that the all new SRX is going to be just as popular as Cadillac’s other new models.

    The totally redesigned SRX will be available next year. How do you think it will differ from this model?
    The totally redesigned SRX will be available next year. How do you think it will differ from this model?

  • New Plant for Cadillac ATS and CTS

    Earlier this week, General Motors announced that they will be investing $174 million in a new stamping facility at their Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant. The additional stamping facility will be used for the Cadillac ATS and CTS.

    Body panels for the Cadillac ATS and CTS will be produced at the new facility in Lansing, which is expected to be operational some time in 2016.

    It is also rumored that the facility will also be producing an unnamed future vehicle, which is being assumed to be the Cadillac LTS. The LTS is making its debut at the North American International Auto Show in January, and is heavily based on the Cadillac Elmiraj Concept that debuted earlier this year.

    “Lansing Grand River Assembly is known for the high quality of its work and the flexible manufacturing that has been a trademark since it opened. Today’s announcement demonstrates GM’s commitment to strengthening key plant capabilities related to quality and efficiency, ” said GM North America Manufacturing Manager Christine Sitek.

    While we know for sure that the new facility will be used for the Cadillac ATS and CTS, we are still waiting on official word as to whether or not it will also produce a new flagship vehicle, and if that flagship will in fact be the LTS.

    GM announces new facility for producing Cadillac ATS and CTS, and possibility of new flagship based on Elmiraj Concept.
    GM announces new facility for producing Cadillac ATS and CTS, and possibility of new flagship based on Elmiraj Concept.

  • In-Car Technology that Detects Drunk Driving?

    Drinking and driving is a terrible idea. It is the cause of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. But what if there was a way to prevent it? Say, in-car technology that detects drunk driving, perhaps?

    While you may have been laughing at the first paragraph, it’s actually a possibility. There are already some options to prevent drunk driving. Breathalyzers installed in vehicles of people with a few DUIs is just one example, but that’s more of a solution after a problem has already occurred.

    With so many available safety features on new cars (Forward Collision Alert, Front and Rear Automatic Braking, Lane Departure Warning), why is it so farfetched to believe that soon there could be in-car technology that detects drunk driving?

    We haven’t heard all of the details just yet, but from information that was gathered from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the technology would (ideally) be able to detect the presence of alcohol in the driver’s system based on touch and breath. There was also mention of the vehicle being able to detect changes in driving patterns based on memory settings.

    Here at Lockhart Cadillac, we strongly believe that an in-car technology that detects drunk driving would be a great thing. It would prevent thousands of deaths each year, and would be a huge benefit to society.

  • GM Teams with Raytheon to get Soldiers Back to Civilian Life

    It is no secret that General Motors is a strong supporter of the United States military and their families. The automaker has donated millions of dollars, as well as thousands of hours to help the military and their families. Well now GM is looking to do even more for soldiers.

    GM is teaming up with the US Army and Raytheon Company to help transition soldiers returning home back to a normal civilian life with a program called Shifting Gears.

    Shifting Gears has been designed to help soldiers develop skills to become service technicians at GM dealerships, including Cadillac, after they return to civilian life.

    “GM has supported the U.S. military for 100 years. From providing purpose-built vehicles in conflict situations to today’s support for veterans and returning military personnel, we continue to be their strong allies,” says Steve Hill, GM Vice President US Sales and Service.

    General Motors understands that transitioning from the life of a soldier back to being a civilian is a difficult task. It is a lot to ask of anyone, and the automaker is proud to help those who have dedicated their lives to serving this great country.

  • Uh Oh – Behind the Scenes Video of Cadillac ATS Sedan Leaked

    Just a few days ago, a behind the scenes commercial video for the 2015 Cadillac ATS sedan was leaked online. We’re not sure how it happened and we are pretty sure Cadillac didn’t intend for it to be seen ahead of an official announcement or campaign launch, but we aren’t complaining. We’re just enjoying these stolen glimpses of the new sedan.

    From what we can see in the video, the biggest update for the 2015 model is the front bumper with its revised grille. It sports Cadillac’s new logo sans the wreath.

    The video follows the star sedan during its filming through the Canadian Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery. In true photo finish fashion, the video ends with a few still shots of the new ATS sedan as it poses for its close-up.

    With the 2015 ATS coupe on its way, spy shots of the ATS-V prototype recently captured, and this leaked video, we at Lockhart Cadillac are excited to see what vehicles will officially compose the Cadillac ATS family in the next few months.

  • Wireless Phone Charging for 2015 ATS

    We all know that we’re not supposed to text and drive, or use your phone while driving; we’re not denying that for one second. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to need to charge your phone in your car. And having a charger with a wire can be a hassle, and get tangled up in the shift knob and lost between the seats. But thanks to Powermat, owners of the 2015 ATS won’t have that problem.

    The goal behind the addition of Powermat’s wireless charging technology to the 2015 ATS Sedan and ATS Coupe is to reduce the clutter in the vehicle, while adding functionality. Powermat uses a rubberized pad that sits conveniently inside the storage bin behind the instrument panel for the Cadillac CUE system.

    ”With 4G LTE capability and now wireless charging, Cadillac is embedding conveniences that have quickly become essential customer needs,” said Ken Kornas, ATS global product manager.

    One of the reasons why Cadillac has decided to add the Powermat wireless charging station to their all new 2015 ATS has to do with a recent report released by the IHS. According to their findings, 70 percent of consumers charge their phone at least once during the day, and 30 percent saying they have to charge their phone more than once a day.

    Based on that, and knowing how often most people are driving (daily commutes to work alone have averaged around 20 minutes for the last few years) it only makes sense to add a Powermat charging to the 2015 ATS.

    The 2015 ATS Sedan and ATS Coupe are set to be released later this fall. Once they arrive, we’ll be sure to let our consumers try out the Powermat charging station while they’re taking it on a test drive!

    2015 ATS Coupe

  • 1918 Cadillac Type 57 Added to National Historic Vehicle Register

    Luxury, power, performance, pleasure; just a few words that people associate with the name Cadillac. Historic, war, heroic; not really words you think of when you think of Cadillac. That is of course unless you’re talking about the 1918 Cadillac Type 57.

    Most people fail to remember that Cadillac was once an important vehicle during World War I. The 1918 Cadillac Type 57 was used during WWI to support French and American troops on battle fronts. It was also used to help locate safe zones for the troops to gather during times of cease fire.

    In honor of everything that the Cadillac Type 57 was able to do during WWI, the Historic Vehicle Association has announced that they are going to be inducting the vehicle into their newly created National History Vehicle Register, which now consists of only four cars.

    “Recognizing the Cadillac military vehicle at the 100th anniversary of WWI commemorates America’s participation in the Great War and illustrates one of the many contributions the automobile has made to U.S. history,” said Richard O’Connor, chief of Heritage Documentation Programs with the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.

    Cadillac has come a long way from being a tough military vehicle used in WWI to the luxury brand that it is today. The Cadillac Type 57 reminds us to embrace history, and remember where our roots are.

  • Cadillac Joins Leaders in Style + Tech for Exclusive Event

    When leaders in the fashion and technology industries get together to honor avant-garde thinkers and their ideas, it only makes sense that Cadillac would be in the mix. The luxury automaker co-presented the Driven by Digital: Leaders in Style + Tech event with Refinery29, the largest independent fashion and style website in the States.

    The exclusive cocktail party in Los Angeles was attended by West Coast celebs, local influencers, style and technology honorees, and fashion designer/TV personality Kelly Osbourne, who served as host.

    The honorees were Mona Bijoor, founder of JOOR; Cheryl Han and Elenor Mak who co-founded Keaton Row; Geri Hirsch and Erin Falconer, co-founders of LEAFtv; and Stephaine Mark, one of The Coveteur founders.

    Of course, Cadillac was also on the VIP guest list with the ELR electrified luxury coupe greeting attendees as they made their red carpet entrance.

    Cadillac’s ELR is infused with sleek design elements and progressive technology, making it the guests’ perfect introduction to the event. Inside, they were given a hands-on opportunity to explore the  reinvented luxury coupe.

    While we aren’t hosting an exclusive cocktail party with roaming celebrities, you are cordially invited to Lockhart Cadillac for your opportunity to explore Cadillac’s stylish lineup.

  • General Motors to Offer Replacement Keys

    There is no denying that General Motors has been under a bit of pressure lately with all of the recent recalls. One thing is for sure, however, and that is how actively they are currently trying to rectify the situation. While there are still millions of cars that are awaiting some sort of repair, GM has stated that they will be offering replacement keys for some of those affected.

    Included in the replacement key offerings are two Cadillacs; the Deville and DTS. Devilles from 2000-2005, as well as DTS models from 2007-2011 will be able to receive a replacement keys.

    General Motors is working very hard to take care of the recent set of recalls. They understand the need to complete their work quickly and efficiently.

    The company has asked that in the mean time, consumers remove any additional keys or accessories that previously hung on the ignition key.

    For more information regarding this matter of replacement keys, you can read the full story here.

  • Galvano Chrome Helps Make 2015 Escalade Unmistakable

    “It’s all in the details” is a saying that we’ve all heard but probably never took the time to really comprehend what it means. However, Cadillac knows exactly what it means, because it’s the motto they used in the design of the 2015 Escalade.

    You wouldn’t think that there would be any way to make one of the most unmistakable vehicles in automotive history even more unmistakable, but Cadillac was able to do it.

    The 2015 Escalade has more sculpture on the body side compared to past generations. And new to this generation of Escalade is Galvano chrome, which has a brighter finish than standard chrome that was used on the previous models.

    The application of Galvano chrome is more complex than that of standard chrome, but the engineers at Cadillac have stated that it was worth it in the end.

    “We have taken an established brand element and constructed them with absolute state-of-the-art technology. The result is bold, modern and pure Cadillac,” said Bob Boniface, Global Cadillac Director of Design.

    We could sit and talk about the 2015 Escalade for hours, but it doesn’t do the vehicle justice. The only way to truly get a feel for what the new Escalade has to offer is to come to Lockhart Cadillac near Indianapolis and take one for a test drive today!